June 10, 2010

How to change Bell’s modem SpeedStream 4200 into Bridge mode

The internet provider Bell in Montreal does not ship their modem in bridge mode, neither do they support this mode in case you try to call their customer service agents. If you go to the Web Interface of the modem, you will not be able to see a configuration page where you can change it to bridge mode (except the newer versions of their modems for home networking).

This will be a bottleneck in case you would like to access any PC behind the modem from an external IP address. The solution to this is to change the modem into bridge mode, which will then forward the request to the PC or Router connected behind the modem.

Since Bell does not support bridging the modem, here is a very quick solution to bridge the Siemens SpeedStream 4200 modem:

  1. Go to provided that the IP of the modem is
  2. Click on “Apply” to change your modem into Bridge mode


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6 thoughts on “How to change Bell’s modem SpeedStream 4200 into Bridge mode

  1. Hi, I did this manipulation and now my modem is stuck in bridge mode and I can’t access it. How I’m supposed to configure my pc and router to access it? I tried to reset it but it seems it dosen’t want to go back to the factory settings.. I did this because I had some NAT 3 problems on my ps3 when trying to play online and the problem was coming from the modem… So now I’m stuck with a modem in bridge mode.. Can you help me? I’m a bit noob..

  2. Hello. I have the Bell SpeedStream 4200 modem/router. I also have a Dlink DIR-655 router. One home computer is wired to the Dlink and the other two home computers are linked wirelessly. On my computer (the wired one), I want to forward a port, but because I can’t access the 4200 configuration page, I am unable to do so. (I have already forwarded the port in the Dlink router.)
    From reading this forum and others, it seems that by putting the 4200 in bridge mode, this will solve the problem. If this is correct, and before I make the change, please advise me if this will affect the ability of the 1 wired and 2 wireless connected computers to browse the internet or use email? Is there anything else that I need to do? Thank you.

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