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Tag: Marijuana

Marijuana smoke could be more harmful than tobacco

While many people believe smoking marijuana is less harmful than smoking tobacco, a new Canadian study proves otherwise. In their tests, Health Canada researchers found that marijuana causes significantly more damage to cells than tobacco smoke. However, tobacco smoke caused damage to chromosomes while marijuana did not. Another research showed that marijuana may amplify the effect of tobacco smoke.

More about this in the video below by Rhonda Low from CTV:

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Frequent Marijuana use could cause testicular cancer

Researchers from the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle have just found that frequent or long-term marijuana use can significantly increase a man’s risk of developing the most aggressive type of testicular cancer.

The team interviewed 369 men with testicular cancer, in the Seattle area - mostly in their 20s and 30s - about their history of marijuana use. Even after other “lifestyle” factors such as smoking and drinking as well as risks such as a family history of the disease, cannabis use emerged as a significant possible cause, the study published in the journal Cancer concluded. But they emphasized that their results were not definitive and called for further studies.

Dr. Rhonda Low from CTV explains it more in the video below:

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