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Tag: Immunity

Women’s immune system stronger than men

A Canadian study from McGill University has found that the female hormone Estrogen gives women more powerful immune system, boosts their ability to fight bacterian viruses, and blocks the inflammation process. As such, the lack of estrogen makes men more sick.

Avis Favaro from CTV discusses this in her Mednews Express report below along with other studies such as the new simple test to predict Alzheimer’s disease.

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Saroj Kumar: the man immune to electricity

In Uttar Pradesh, India, the 29 year old Saroj Kumar claims to be shock proof. To demonstrate this, he plays with high-tension electrical cables and holds naked live wires. Saroj discovered his ‘gift’ when his village got electricity six years ago. He claimed that after touching two naked wires, he emerged unhurt.

Watch Saroj Kumar in the video below:

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