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Tag: Handwriting

Your handwriting can reveal whether you’re lying or not

A new study showed handwriting can reveal whether a subject is lying or not. Researchers have discovered a way in analyzing hand writing characteristics with the help of a computer program.

The program looked at actions that are difficult to consciously control, such as duration the pen is on the paper versus the air, width and height of each writing stroke, and pressure implemented on the writing surface. They found that those actions could be different when the person is lying or not. Researchers say that handwriting tool has the potential to replace or work together with verbal based lie detection technologies such as the polygraph.

Research in this area is not something new. In fact Graphology is the study and analysis of handwriting especially in relation to human psychology. It is used to evaluate the subject’s personality, but has been controversial for more than a century.

Check out the interesting video below by Dr. Rhonda Low:

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