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Tag: H1N1

“Medical Myths That Can Kill You” by Nancy Snyderman

We sometimes throw advices here and there without really knowing if they are true or not. The reason for that is that those advices were fed to us by our parents or friends without us questioning their legitimacy. But now NBC News chief medical editor Nancy Snyderman wrote a book called “Medical Myths That Can Kill You” that busts a lot of those medical myths through medical proof and explanation.

After ruling out some myths, here are examples of correct statements:

  • you cannot get the H1N1 virus from the water in the water fountain,
  • the HPV vaccine is not only for girls,
  • reading in dim light does not ruin your eyesight,
  • energy drinks do not give you energy,
  • university grads live longer than those who stick only to high school.

An explanation is found in the video below by NBC Today Show:

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Seasonal flu shot may increase the risk of H1N1

It’s the flu season and people usually prevent it through the flu shot, but now they should think twice. Four Canadian studies involving about 2,000 people found that those who have received the seasonal flu vaccine in the past seem to be more likely to get sick with the swine flu. Research has not been peer-reviewed or collaborated with other studies, but theoretically experts say the risk is there.

More on this in the video below by CBC:

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