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Bixi Montreal: Canada’s first public bike system

I’ve been seeing this everywhere in downtown Montreal, so I thought of posting something about it. Bixi is Montreal’s public bicycle sharing system. The $15-million Bixi program was officially launched last Tuesday at city hall, where Mayor Gérald Tremblay took the first ride. It’s the first of its kind to be launched in Canada.

Bixi is a portmanteau word of bicycle and taxi created by Michel Gourdeau. It was conceived and fabricated in Montreal. 3,000 bikes are available for short-term rental from the 300 stations located in Montreal’s downtown core. The bikes, which cost $2,000 apiece, are made of aluminum and are theft-proof, according to their designers. The bikes are very innovative. They contain a GPS chip, and if rented and not returned, they will slow down, and the brakes will lock automatically.

The stations are installed progressively in the spring, starting at the beginning of May, depending on weather conditions. Stations are kept in service until the end of November before being removed from the streets during harsh winter months. Cyclists can subscribe to the service at a cost of $78 for a year, $28 for a month or $5 for a day. The first 30 minutes of each rental are free.

More on the Bixi program in the video below by CTV:

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Comment from Carte di credito
Time June 8, 2009 at 3:01 AM

Interesting ….what is it called? is there a web link to it?

Comment from Cindy J.
Time September 29, 2009 at 3:03 PM

i dont know how pple are subscribing to bixi. its soo expensive!! 5$ is not the only fee u pay. u gotta pay extra for every 30 min that u take, and u end up paying a huge amoutn of money in which u can buy a new bicycle!

Comment from Denis
Time October 3, 2009 at 5:30 PM

The reality is that it is not expensive at all. It costed me $74 ( $78 - $10 rebate from COMMUNAUTO + $6 of usage fees) and I used it for over 200 trips. I also saved two monthly bus passes. It is very convenient because almost everywhere I have to go in town, there is a station near my starting point and my destination. If not, I use it to go to the metro station and it save me a lot of time. For me, it is not convenient to own a bike and I never did.

By the way, the system has been improved a lot since this article was written and is working very well now. BIXI has done a very good job at addressing the problems they have encountered at the beginning. The stations are very reliable, the new locking mechanism is very robust, and the bikes and free docks are much more available because they added dock points at many stations. I am sure people will like it if it comes to Toronto.

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