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Second-hand smoke causes breast cancer in young women

Before now, most breast cancers were believed to be related to hormones, but now researchers are looking at tobacco as well. In an new analysis of hundreds of studies and thousands of patient histories, an international expert panel announced a week ago that smoking does increase the risk of breast cancer. The panel looked at second-hand smoke too and concluded that it’s a factor in breast cancer in younger pre-menopausal women, but not necessarily in older post-menopausal women.

CBC’s Nancy Wood has the details in the video below:

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Comment from Liliane
Time May 13, 2009 at 1:41 AM

but is it ever a good enough reason to convince people that most closed up small places should be non-smoking? la2 actually min koun us the non smokers 3am net3adda 3a 7ouriyetoun, we should stay home and be quiet

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